Plot Synopsis : Steeped in rain, humidity, and eerie bayou atmosphere, The Skeleton Key DVD is an entertaining supernatural thriller that makes excellent use of its Louisiana locations. New Orleans and the rural environs of Terrebonne Parish are crucial in setting up the creepy circumstances that find compassionate caregiver Caroline Ellis (Kate Hudson) newly employed at the backwater plantation home of Violet (Gena Rowlands) and her invalid husband Ben (John Hurt), who's been rendered mute and seemingly helpless by a recent stroke. The place is rife with mystery, shrouded in the secrets of a suspicious past and, under Violet's stern supervision, plagued by superstition involving the use of Hoodoo magic spells intended to protect the house from harm. But Caroline soon discovers the source of the mystery, and why Ben (who can barely utter a word) is so desperate to escape his seemingly comfortable domesticity. Director Iain Softley expertly emphasizes the edgy air of mystery, pushing some effective shocks while encouraging fine work from Hudson, Peter Sarsgaard (as Violet's lawyer) and especially Rowlands, who's genuinely disturbing as Skeleton Key DVD nears a twist ending that's undeniably effective. The Skeleton Key DVD will be available in widescreen edition and full screen edition and will also contain special features.
The Skeleton Key DVD will be released on Nov 15, 2005. The Skeleton Key DVD. Order The Skeleton Key DVD today from the Universal Online Store.
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